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Two modern day horse thieves realize They Picked the Wrong Woman when a naïve pony mom forms a posse of victimized women to bring down the bad guys.

DEBBIE may have been a pony mom who knew little about horses but she knew she wanted justice after two con men took her daughter’s beloved show pony.

COREY and his partner, TREY, were handsome, charismatic men who were also dangerous sociopaths. They were experts at befriending women, gaining their trust and then stealing them blind up and down the east coast horse circuit.

Debbie’s intuitive and relentless pursuit of finding her daughter’s pony unearthed dozens of other victims that had been duped. But it was three women in particular who initially shared Debbie’s deep-rooted desire to seek justice.

T.J., a fiery kick-ass horse trainer had her champion quarter horse stolen and maimed by them. NOREEN, a tiny woman with a big heart opened her farm and wallet to the con artists while socialite JILLIAN lost her $100,000 foal to the crooks. With Debbie as their fearless leader, the female posse, dubbed the “C and T Club”, soon gained the attention of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

When 9/11 usurped the FBI’s manpower they tapped Debbie to go undercover. Together with her unlikely recruits, the audacious women, on the right side of the law but barely obeying it, became fast friends. They share an unbelievable but true, quirky madcap adventure that ultimately ended in convictions for the modern day horse thieves.